Dealing with inmates keeps getting harder.

At least curtains are getting easier.

No more hooks or pins. Now there's an innovative, easy-to-use alternative Imperial's Break-A-Way Shower Curtain System for Jails & Correctional Facilities


Shown Above Sure-Check curtain with mesh panel at the top for ventilation and clear vinyl panel at bottom for security

Shower Curtains should be easy.

That's why you need to know more about Imperial Fastener's proven Break-A-Way shower curtain hanging systems. The Break-A-Way shower curtain system...

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Creates a more secure environment
  • Is simple to install and use

No matter how small the jail or how large the prison, our custom made Break-A-Way shower curtains and track can work in any jail, prison, correctional facility or detention center.

It's easy: Just mount the ceiling or wall track using tamper resistant hardware, insert the special safety tabs, and easily attach the Break-A-Way shower curtains with the continuous loop tape that's sewn to the top hem.

What's more, Imperial can supply any Break-A-Way shower curtain or track you need, for any application. Solids and prints, clear vinyl for security, nylon mesh tops for ventilation - you name it.

We know that the job running today's facilities isn't easy...that's why we make sure choosing the Break-A-Way shower curtains are. Imperial Fastener is the leader in manufacturing custom made Break-A-Way Tracks & Break-A-Way Shower Curtains for Jails, Prisons, Correctional Facilities and Detention Centers for the last 10 years. Whether 1 Break-A-Way shower curtain or 100 tracks and Break-A-Way shower curtains all are custom made by us in Pompano Beach, FL.